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The Future - How HairByUs bring Clients and Hairstylists together

What is HairByUs and HaiREP

The Future of Hairdressing

The HairByUs app and the HaiREP device is revolutionising the way you are introduced to clients and hairstylists. HairByUs is a global hairstyle gallery designed to allow clients to find hairstylists based on the hairstyles they want. HaiREP is a device used by the hairstylist that automatically sends their HairByUs profile to your phone when you are near them

How HaiREP Works
HaiREP uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the HairByUs app on your phone and sending you Hairstylist/Hair Salon (within range) notifications, messages, updates, promotions, availability and much more!

HairByUs helps you build trust and confidence when choosing a hairstylist and give hairstylist an outlet where they can reach 1000s of clients.

Download the FREE HairByUs app from your app store, and join the revolution! The HaiREP device can only be ordered through the HairByUs app

Get it onGoogle play Download on the App Store FREE DOWNLOAD FROM APP STORESearch 'HairByUs'

80% off and save £480!
HaiREP is only £9.99 per month

* HaiREP is £9.99 per month for 12 months, then returns to £49.99 per month. HaiREP can only be ordered through the HairByUs app. One off setup fee £29.99 and delivery is worldwide. Subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Get it onGoogle play Download on the App Store FREE DOWNLOAD FROM APP STORESearch 'HairByUs'
  • Convenience

    Allows you check out Salons without actually going in! Anywhere! Anytime!

  • Hairstyles

    Search and find hairstyles in your local area or anywhere around the world.

  • HairByUs CVs

    Upload your career history to impress and increase confidence in potential clients.

  • Hairboard Alerts

    Tell us the styles you want to see and receive notifications when they are uploaded.

  • Hair Models

    Search and contact hair models or become a hair model and get free hairstyles/haircuts.

  • Messaging

    Make any enquires to hairstylist or hair models using our internal messaging system.

Find your perfect Hairstyle and Hairstylist

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle, ‘Will it suit me?’, or ‘Can my Stylist do this’. The truth is, all these factors are important because they determine whether you get the hairstyle and look you want.

At HairByUs, we have packaged all these factors into our hairstyles search facility and our Hairboard Alerts. Now you can find hairstyles that will suit you and the Hairstylist who can do it.

Download the FREE HairByUs app from your app store, and start searching for your next style!

Get it onGoogle play Download on the App Store FREE DOWNLOAD FROM APP STORESearch 'HairByUs'

Find Clients and build their trust

Whether you’re training to become or you’re an experienced Hairstylist, Clients need to trust you before they become your client. Fortunately trust in the hairdressing industry can easily be gained through clients seeing the hairstyles you can do.

At HairByUs, each hairstyle you upload is sent to clients who have requested to see that particular style. Then Clients can see the hairstyles you can do and gain confidence and trust in your abilities.

Download the FREE HairByUs app from your app store, upload your hairstyles and let us find you clients!

Get it onGoogle play Download on the App Store FREE DOWNLOAD FROM APP STORESearch 'HairByUs'

General FAQ's

Q: Is HairByUs app free?
A: Yes, the HairByUs app is free to download from your app store.
Q: Who can promote themselves on HairByUs?
A: Hairstylists employed or Freelancers can promote themselves on HairByUs. Hairdressing, Barbering or Training Academies can also promote themselves on HairByUs.
Q: What are Hairboard Alerts?
A: Hairboard Alerts allows you to tell us the styles you want to see. When they are uploaded we will notify you.
Q: What is a HairByUs CV?
A: The HairByUs CV allows you to enter and save all your training, education and experience relating to hair. You can also write your bio, working hours and profile picture.
Q: How do I receive HaiREP notifications?
A: Your Bluetooth must be switched on and the HairByUs app installed on your phone to receive HaiREP notifications
Q: How do I become a Hair Model?
A: Complete the ‘Create Model’ form within the HairByUs app to create a Hair Model profile.


Q: What is HaiREP?
A: HaiREP is a device supplied by HairByUs that automatically promotes your profile to anybody who has the HairByUs app and are in range of HaiREP broadcasts.
Q: What’s HaiREP broadcasting range?
A: Depending on the HaiREP device you have, they can broadcast up to a distance of 100 metres.
Q: How to I order HaiREP?
A: The HaiREP device currently can only be order through the HairByUs app.
Q: How must does HaiREP cost?
A: HaiREP is normally £49.99 per month, but we are currently offering 80% off HaiREP at £9.99 per month while stock last.
Q: Can only salons order HaiREP?
A: : Anyone who wants to promote their profile on HairByUs can subscribe to HaiREP. It will work for salon or mobile / freelance hairstylist just the same.
Q: Can I cancel my HaiREP subscription?
A: You are not tied into any contract and can cancel your subscription at any time.
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